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1964 Triumph Gabriele E

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We take meticulous steps to ensure that every unit from Writer's Typewriters can be a writer's "only" typewriter: each is in excellent working order and can be expected to last for decades more if used correctly. We also include a one-year warranty for factory defects and after-sales services. Extra ribbons are only P25 per piece.

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1964 Triumph Gabriele E
The West Germans mainly produced two great typewriters. The mid- to high-range Olympias, and the Triumphs/Adlers. The latter brands can be considered superior by some because they had thicker and taller keys (technical term: keytops) that were very comfortable on the fingers. This Gabriele has those. The typeface is still dark and crisp, which the Triumphs we have handled all had, which I think is a sign of their focus in their manufacturing in keeping the typebars to a high standard. They made the case and case plastic to save on weight, making this half the weight of similar-sized portables that are all-metal and with wooden/tweed cases -- which must have been cutting edge tech in 1964. This makes this typewriter most useful for someone who is looking to take it around with them. 

- fully operational and in excellent working order
- all-original and complete with case

- approx. dimensions: 8x10x4 inches
- approx. weight: 5kg

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