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1958 Royal Futura 800


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Writer's Typewriters Guarantee
We take meticulous steps to ensure that every unit from Writer's Typewriters can be a writer's "only" typewriter: each is in excellent working order and can be expected to last for decades more if used correctly. We also include a one-year warranty for factory defects and after-sales services. Extra ribbons are only P25 per piece.

Get our lowest prices ever on typewriters! After this pandemic the old prices will be back, so best to take your pick today.

1958 Royal Futura 800
This typewriter looks like it was taken straight out of a 1950s living room -- from the combination of rounded edges and angular shapes (see it from the side) to the color combo. It comes with its original case, and as you can see in the photos, all the internal moving parts are clean and unblemished. It types smoothly and has a thick typeface. The red button in the center with the brand name opens up the top cover.

    - fully operational and in excellent working order
    - repainted with original color combo and complete with original case

    - approx. typewriter dimensions: 8x10x4 inches
    - approx. case dimensions: 12x11x5 inches
    - approx. weight: 6kg with case

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