Wax Seals by VV

The experience of receiving a letter with a wax seal is always a special moment. In the current digital era, it is absolutely unforgettable.
Complete your letters with an old world luxury -- your very own Custom Wax Seal.
When ordering from VV, your monogram designing is free. Find our border and font options at the bottom of this page.

Package Options

We have three package options:

  • Brass seal & handle - ₱880
    • Usually for hobbyists with several seals
  • Premium set - ₱1,280
    • Preferred by those who want a home for their personal seals
    • Complete with heating spoon, three wax sticks, and cardboard storage box
  • Executive set - ₱1,780
    • Best for seals that will soon become important family heirlooms that bring back memories. Frequently these are personal logos/signatures and wedding monograms.
    • Complete with heating spoon, three wax sticks, and wooden storage box

Sealing Wax

We have 30 colors to choose from at a great price -- as low as ₱34.50 when ordering 10 pieces or more! Order here

Designing Your Monogram

Simply select your border design and font option (example: A1 - Freestyle) and we will create a sample after payment. Any other monogram ideas are welcome, just send us a message.

If you already have a design, kindly send it to us.

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