Our Customers

To whom we owe our livelihood

Featured below are photos with our clients and pictures posted by our customers themselves. We’re deeply grateful to those who have appreciated our craft, and look forward to serve even more as the popularity of vintage writing machines grows!

In photos: (Justice Marvic Leonen, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines; Professor Jay Batongbacal, Philippine Expert on the Law of the Sea; Photo of typewriter of Professor Richard Heydarian, Political Analyst; Photo of typewriter of Joel Pablo Salud, Editor-in-Chief of the Philippines Graphic; Annabelle Dario, Author; Photo of typewriter of Leah C. Eriguel, Editor-in-Chief of Mommy Mundo)

Our Values

Why we believe in the Lifetime Service Warranty

Our Story

How the life of a Revolutionary inspired a chain of events that led us to what we are now