The Vintage Collection

Refurbished Typewriters

Experience writing like the great authors before our time: listen to the ‘click-clack’ of the keys and moving gears and levers as you instantly produce a hardcopy of your work,¬†which you can preserve for safekeeping or mail to a friend.¬†

Vinyl Record Players

Bring vinyl into your life and satisfy your love for vintage music; there’s still nothing like placing a record down to listen to your favourite LP. Recordings are more authentically replicated on analog format, sounding softer, warmer, and more pleasant to the ears.

Custom Wax Seals

An old-world luxury previously reserved only for royalty, now available starting at P990 with free nationwide delivery! Send us your design or hire our calligraphers to make one for you, which we will then into a brass stamp of your choice.